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As a tribute to the tragic terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Towers in NYC, I have compiled two galleries of my photos. I live right across the Hudson river in Jersey City and I work at Salomon Smith Barney, 7 WTC. I was lucky to be home at the time the planes hit the towers. The event has had an incredible impact on people around the region, from those that directly suffered in the attack, to ordinary citizens whose lives have been permanently affected by the disruptions. Some have been emotionally scarred from the scenes and the impact. It is something that most of us who work and live here could have hardly imagined.

Now that they are gone, we all feel as if part of our home has been destroyed forever. For people like me, first generation immigrants who have lived and worked here in the USA for years, and who always feel that our real homes are somewhere else, it takes something so tragic and terrible to happen to make us realize that this country, this place of work is our home too, and we stand proudly in support of the USA.

  • World Trade Center, before the attack
  • World Trade Center, after the attack

    A number of the photos from the second gallery above have been donated to the September 11 Photo Project. Donated photos are exhibited at 26 Wooster St, 1 block north of Canal St. in SoHo. You can learn more about the project at this link. If you are in NYC, please visit the gallery.